Your customers have already traveled around the world and major destinations no longer hold any secrets for them. Are you looking for a truly original destination with very low prices? We have what you need :
This small Christian country in Eastern Europe is unsuspectedly rich and is now ready to receive demanding European tourists!

Why discover Georgia? There is no shortage of arguments:

  • An exceptional thousand-year-old culture and heritage

  • Only 4h15 direct flight from Roissy or Brussels with Air France or Georgian Airways (connecting flight from Montreal with 1 stop in Paris)

  • Very very low prices for all budgets

  • Really interesting historical sites including 3 classified by UNESCO (others about to become so)

  • It is the oldest wine producing country for 8000 years! (The country has around 540 grape varieties, many of which are unique)

  • Original, rich and delicious gastronomy, succulent and surprising wines!
  • Varied architectures combining the ancient (Persian and Ottoman) and the modern (Tbilisi was once called the little Paris of the Caucasus)

  • An exceptional religious heritage

  • Incredibly beautiful, varied and unusual landscapes

  • Numerous natural parks with very rich fauna and flora

  • A lively and captivating popular folklore

  • Dizzying mountains above 5000 meters (no altitude problem in “classic” circuits)

  • The highest village in Europe in Ushguli at 2,300 m

  • The Black Sea coast in an original seaside setting

  • A unique atmosphere which will make the discovery complete and frankly exotic

  • Remains of the USSR (buildings, sculptures, vehicles, etc.)

  • Meticulously selected hotels for all budgets

  • A Mediterranean and subtropical climate in the west

  • A welcoming and Francophile population (Georgia is a member of the International Organization of La Francophonie)

  • Not too many tourists (for now)

  • A safe destination

You will have understood, Georgia has all the assets to allow you to offer beautiful trips with unique flavors!

Moreover, the famous “Lonely Planet” guide ranks it in the 10 most interesting destinations to discover in the world!!!

Whatever the category (there are no official standards, the stars are self-awarded, etc.), there are not many good hotels but we have made a careful and necessary selection. We have unearthed and selected the most interesting sites and the most captivating services (some were created by us).

On-site duration:

Tours and stays for groups can be available in different durations:

  • A long weekend in Tbilisi and around 4 or 5 days (ideal for MICE or city break)
  • 6-day mini-tours
  • Tours of 8 or 9 days and ideally 12 days minimum and more for the complete tour of the country

See the flights section for more details

What to do and see in Georgia?

“Classic” or thematic trips or circuits

We offer general discovery programs of the country alternating the different landscapes of each region, religious, military or civil architectural heritage, museums, gastronomy, viticulture and folklore. But we can create tailor-made programs for pilgrims, hydrotherapy enthusiasts, experienced fans of cultural travel, history or archeology, casino players, sports enthusiasts, hikers, nature lovers, ornithologists, business visits or the curious…


You can practice trekking, skiing, heliskiing, climbing and mountain sports, hiking, fishing (there are superb trout rivers), 4×4, quad biking, horse riding, cycling, paragliding, helicopter rides, hot air ballooning, water sports, kayaking, rafting, canyoning…

Que faire et que voir en Géorgie
Que faire et que voir en Géorgie


We have the ideal services for your incentives: unusual locations, prestigious services, conference centers, sports activities, high-end hotels well equipped with meeting or conference rooms, etc.

Agricultural tours or wine tourism

The etymology of the name “Georgia” is “agriculture” in Greek and not St George, the country’s patron saint. Not really surprising when you know that the country has been the cradle of viticulture for more than 8,000 years. The country has a very old tradition of wine growing with the aging of wines in terracotta jars (the Qvévri). Georgia holds almost a sixth of the world’s grape varieties (540), many of which are completely unique, and produces many natural wines with unique flavors! Wine is closely linked to the country, the word “wine” comes from the Georgian “gvino”. It is therefore impossible to pass through the country without tasting and meeting the best producers selected by us (who are also wine lovers!) and avoiding uninteresting tourist tasting sites!

Until the fall of the USSR, the country produced more than 90% of the tea consumed in the Soviet Union. New structures have been relaunching production in recent years to rediscover the qualities of these teas which were once crowned with gold at prestigious universal exhibitions.

The country also produces large quantities of walnuts and hazelnuts.

There are a multitude of very varied and emblematic fruits and vegetables from this region with its great climate, such as pomegranates and tangerines.

We organize meeting tours with local producers according to wishes.

Que faire et que voir en Géorgie