Accueil Géorgie, une agence de voyage réceptive basée à Tbilissi

Accueil Géorgie, an incoming travel agency based in Tbilisi

your receptive partner for organizing English-speaking group trips to Georgia

A Christian land in the heart of the Caucasus, between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgia promises you one of the most beautiful adventures there is.
This land has been at the crossroads of men since they left Africa and the oldest hominid in Europe (1.8 million years old) was found there, which makes the Georgians say that they are the oldest Europeans! Since antiquity, neighboring empires have often coveted it: Scythian, Achaemenid, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Arab, Mongolian, Ottoman and Russian have left traces there.
Its Mediterranean and subtropical climate allows varied agricultural production and it has been the cradle of viticulture for more than 8,000 years!
Georgian hospitality is legendary and the culture of gastronomy is elevated to the art of living.
The majestic mountain landscapes of the Greater Caucasus and its valleys, the richness of its varied heritage and the quality of its tourist infrastructure make Georgia an unmissable destination!

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